Air Shower

Arintha system Prefabricated wall and roof sections with integral air duct plenums. Units shall be self contained, self supporting, capable of supporting a minimum of 200 pounds per square foot with a maximum deflection of 6mm, Maintenance access shall be from the entry or exit end or the side of the mechanical section, Access panels shall be provided on the access sides that are selected by the customer, the mechanical section of the air shower shall contain blower/motor units, air nozzles, HEPA filter, and electrical controls, Air nozzles shall be plastic construction or stainless steel construction.


Air Shower

Door are available in three alternative finishes, Clear anodized finish, White powder coated finish or stainless steel material, Doors shall be glazed with 6mm clear tempered glass, ?Each door shall have a 24 VDC magnetic door lock (exception automatic door operators). Manual operating doors shall have an International Door Closer, Door operators are surface mounted, Operators are available in single swing, paired simultaneous swing, single slide, bi-parting slide and bi-fold, Automatic doors can be activated by hard wired push plates, motion sensors, presence sensors or a combination of any of the three. Swing doors must have the activation device at least twelve inches away from the swing path of the door.

Configurations: 1.?1art models have two or more wall sections and have one common roof section with the mechanical located on the top of the air shower. 2art models shall have four or more walls and shall have two or more roof sections with the mechanical located on the top of the air shower. 3art models shall have two wall sections or more and shall have one common roof section. The mechanical is located on the side of the air shower and the entire air shower fits under an eight foot ceiling. 4art models shall have four or more walls with more than one roof section and shall have the mechanical located on the side of the air shower. The air shower shall fit under an eight foot ceiling.


Motors to be a high efficiency type, 220/380/400 volt/3phase/50Hz. The nozzle blower shall be a single inlet, painted steel housing or stainless steel paddle wheel with a direct drive open drip proof motor. Air showers with a vertical laminar flow ceiling shall have a dual inlet direct drive blower capable of maintaining 90 feet per minute velocity across the face of the ceiling filters.


Power panels shall require a single source connection to 20/380/400 volt/1/3phase/50Hz. 220 VAC/single phase/50Hz and shall be powered by a step down transformer located in the air shower panel. Each air shower is to be provided with one non-fused disconnect. Disconnect shall be mounted in the mechanical section (exact location to be specified by customer). Magnetic motor starter shall be short circuit and overload protected. Wiring shall comply with NEC code.


HEPA filter with aluminium or steel frames 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns scanned. Pre-filters shall be located at return air grille and shall be 35% efficiency. Return air grilles shall be constructed of steel with a white painted finish. Return air grilles shall be located on side walls at the lowest point of the air shower wall.


units maximum noise level is 71dba, with a back ground noise level of 10dba. Interior noise levels shall not exceed 85 dba. Fan/Blower assembly to be isolated by means of rubber isolator pads.

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